Duck Bars

Being out on the town in Duck means you’ll be home early, but that’s a good thing! The bars and watering holes in this northern Outer Banks resort town close up in the evening, but that just means you can have your fun and feel good for all the next day’s adventures as well. Most of Duck’s bars are part of a restaurant. You’ll find several yard bars where you can sip outside, in some cases with a terrific view of the Currituck Sound. A few of the Duck bars offer live music outdoors in the warm months as well. There are a couple of places in Duck that exist solely to serve you delicious beverages like craft beers and wines. 

Getting to the Duck Bars

One of the best things about the Duck bars is that they are all so close together, which makes for the ultimate bar-hopping experience. You can easily walk or bike between all but one of the offerings listed below, and the one that’s a little farther out of town is right along the Duck multiuse path, so you could definitely make it there on your bike. Make an afternoon or evening out of hitting up the small and friendly Duck bars, and you’ll have a great time.


Sweet T's Coffee Beer & Wine

Duck Bars
1211 Duck Road, Duck
(252) 480-2326

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