Duck NC Restaurant Specials, Including Southern Shores

Southern Shores and Duck restaurants feature tasty treats ranging from diverse gourmet dishes to your classic basket o’ fish. While some of the Duck restaurants’ lengthy menus offer more than enough to keep you satisfied for the duration of your vacation, their daily specials merit serious consideration when it comes to your order for the evening. Duck restaurant specials give you the chance to try a food, meal or magical drink concoction that you may never again have the opportunity to sample ... that is, until next year's vacation! The specials may seem as simple as a new doughnut creation or come off as a fancy seafood sampler, but don’t let names fool you – all specials are just as ... well, special. Every day chefs, bakers and chocolatiers put their creativity and skills to the test in order to whip up a delicious and innovative dish for their patrons, specifically you. Some restaurants’ specials last all day, while others are available only for dinner. If you find a special that captures your heart (and your stomach), make sure to confirm that the dish is available during the time you plan to visit the restaurant. Check our restaurants’ listings to see what catch-of-the-day they’re offering, what it takes to get a meal upgraded, where an order of one item can get you two – it’s all listed below. 

You might want to, first, choose the Duck restaurants that interest you from our section that writes up every single one of them. And, if you're curious about all the Outer Banks restaurant specials from Corolla to Ocracoke, check them out at

cherry tomatoes / Benton’s bacon / blue cheese toasted... More info
house smoked pork bbq sandwich cumin-lime coleslaw
Ask your server what the Chef's Soup is for the... More info
Fried bites of cornmeal batter.
Stop in one of our three locations to check out daily... More info
Eastern NC style slow cooked and seasoned with our... More info
Deep fried and golden brown.
Changes Daily Based on Locally Sourced Ingredients
Corn chow chow, croutons, red pepper Harissa and... More info
Check for vegetarian specials such as this: Grilled... More info
Pan-seared, Israeli couscous, sautéed vegetables,... More info
We proudly prepare “Carolina Sustainable” dishes in... More info
Hot of the griddle, served with warm vermont maple... More info
With seasonal additions such as the summer blend of... More info
Buffalo Sauce, Ranch dressing, Lettuce/Tomato. *... More info
Chicken, Beef, or Pork, lettuce, cheese, pico, key... More info
Oysters/Shrimp with fries and slaw. *Includes Soft... More info
Texas toast, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy. *... More info
Our dessert specials come to you fresh from the over... More info