Duck, NC, Nightlife

Including Southern Shores Nightlife

If there’s one form of entertainment the beach embraces more than anything, it’s music. Mmm, music – the food of love (Shakespeare), the soul of the universe (Plato), the only truth (Kerouac), don’t you agree (all of you)? Fortunately Southern Shores nightlife and Duck, NC, nightlife loves the music scene almost as much as we do. Between the restaurants, bars, boardwalk and park, Duck, NC, nightlife features music happen several times a week, if not nightly. You can listen to songs written and performed by locals as well as works from musicians traveling about and showcasing their talent, such as what happens every October at the Duck Jazz Festival. With live bands and solo acts, you can let the melodies surround you while you enjoy gourmet food at restaurants, sip a specialty cocktail or even munch on a yummy dessert from a bakery or sweet shop. If there’s a particular artist or group you really want to hear but you miss one of their shows, don’t despair – Duck, NC, nightlife and other events include many of these artists performing multiple times at the same venue!

More than Music at Duck, NC, Nightlife

It’s not just live performances that populate the Duck, NC, nightlife scene. Restaurants occasionally host pop-up dinners or special events for food and drink pairings. You can even catch guest speakers or artists’ exhibit openings at the Duck Town Hall. Check out the listing below to see what Duck nightlife is happening during your vacation. And if you're lucky (and smart) enough to live here, these guides to Duck, NC, nightlife and that around the Outer Banks towns will lead you to the hot-spot places … you know, the places where you want to be seen!

And much greater in number and variety than the nightlife here are the upcoming Duck, NC, events. As far as the larger area goes, check out our Outer Banks guides to learn about the happening scene for Outer Banks nightlife!

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