Duck, NC, Activities & Programs

Including Southern Shores Activities

Throughout the summer, Duck, NC, and Southern Shores host a generous array of events and activities that attract visitors from all over the Outer Banks. While many people might overlook such Duck, NC, programs, thinking of the town as a shopping destination instead, it offers a variety of activities and events that expose you to beach sports and culture. Duck, NC, activities recognize the tremendous environment they call home and therefore take advantage of the beautiful sound, tranquil parks and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Depending on whether you’re looking for an activity to get your blood pumping or one that winds you down after a long day, Duck, NC, activities are numerous and diverse enough to satisfy your desires. If you’re feeling active, check out a game of volleyball, learn to sail or take the entire family on a crabbing trip. Or take some time to relax with Duck, NC, activities like strolling along the boardwalk, visiting an outdoor concert or enjoying a sunset and cocktail cruise (led by a designated driver of course) or other sort of Duck, NC, program.

Duck, NC, Activities are Family Friendly

There’s a variety of family-friendly Duck, NC, activities offered that everyone can enjoy, such as biking around the village (make sure you adhere to traffic laws since you're sharing the road with a lot of cars that are a lot bigger and more visible than you!), camps where kids can learn sailing, surfing, paddleboarding and more and some adventurous wakeboarding. Lots of Duck, NC, programs are available throughout the summer as well as throughout the year, but check the listings below to confirm that the activities you want to partake in are occurring at a convenient time for you.

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