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Information on COVID-19

With restrictions still in place limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people, you can imagine that a lot of the daytime (and nighttime) events in Duck have had to either cancel or adapt. But we're all about adapting around here, given our history of hurricanes and flooding events that alter day-to-day life for periods of time. Some outdoor events where it's easy to social distance, such as fishing tournaments or kite flying extravaganzas on Jockey's Ridge, are still a go. Others, such as concerts or festivals, have had to take a year off. Still, you'll see from the list below that there are still daytime events to take part in. This list will change regularly as we hear from local businesses and nonprofits as they firm up their summer plans. 


Brunches and festivals and fairs, oh my! Upcoming Duck, NC, events are always on the calendar and bringing people from around the beach for a good time. In the summer months, you’ll find that the upcoming Duck, NC, events multiply in number, variety and frequency, and this guarantees visitors and locals alike that something fun is always happening nearby. Duck, NC, events let you participate in fun runs, visit art fairs and check out weekly festivals. Some events happen regularly, like the Faire Days Summer Festival Series, which occurs every Wednesday afternoon in summer. Others require a bit more planning: book signings with nationally recognized local authors, for example, will occur a couple of times a summer. And keep an eye out for summer "holidays,” like National Running Day, where you can join other joggers as they meander through town, or National Flip Flop Day, and see what amusements they bring with them. A variety of different musicians and bands contribute to the options of upcoming Duck, NC, events so you’ll have many opportunities to get a taste of local music. In fact, there’s always a performance or two happening daily with Duck, NC, nightlife.

Everyone Enjoys Duck, NC, Events

Upcoming Duck, NC, events are fun for all ages, so everyone can participate in activities. Turn a Duck activity into a family outing as you and your entourage craft beautiful pieces of art, partake in games, sample local cuisine and products and enjoy outdoor music while talking to others and enjoying the sense of community you’re immersed in. Admission is often free to many of the Duck, NC, events and activities, so there’s no reason not to experience the fun.

And why limit yourself to just one town? You’ll find more opportunities for fishing events, festivals, athletic competitions, day camps and more if you get out and about on these islands. Check out all the fun Outer Banks events going on during the day in the other locations on the beach!