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For such small towns, Southern Shores and Duck, NC, restaurants have some pretty sophisticated dining options.

Whether you want pizza delivery or upscale cuisine matched with a Wine Spectator award-winning wine list, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most Duck, NC, restaurants, like so many of the Outer Banks restaurants, stick to American fare, with an emphasis on seafood. That doesn’t mean there aren’t creative chefs in Duck, NC; you’ll find some very innovative preparations of seafood, meats, fresh produce and traditional ingredients. Southern Shores restaurants include a couple of chains (ever heard of a little place called Starbucks?), a great pizza place and a wonderful gourmet foods market/cafe.

Duck, NC, restaurants can boast of three of the top food and wine destinations on the Outer Banks. You can sip coffee in a front porch rocker, have a romantic dinner with a sound view, savor wine under a canopy of live oaks, eat al fresco while listening to jazz, catch sports on a bar TV, grab a slice of pizza, lick ice cream while feeding ducks or take the whole family out for a seafood dinner.

Visiting Duck, NC, Restaurants

In the summer, when there are way more people than there are seats at Duck, NC, restaurants, you may want to eat out early or late or make a reservation (where possible). The least crowded nights at the restaurants in Duck and Southern Shores are, maybe surprisingly, Friday and Saturday nights. That’s because of scheduled arrivals and departures at the vacation rental companies. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are typically the busiest nights in the summer, local restaurateurs say. In the off-season, eating out in Duck, NC, is much more relaxed and accessible. Some restaurants close in the dead of winter, but there is always something open. Several Southern Shores and Duck, NC, restaurants are now staying open year round. Both towns have full ABC permits, so you can order beer, wine or liquor at restaurants that have those options.

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