Shopping in Duck, NC

If there’s one thing the town of Duck, NC, is known for, besides the beach, it’s shopping. Duck is definitely the place to go when you’re longing for a little retail recreation. We like to jokingly remark that the shopping in Duck, NC, is our own little Rodeo Drive!

Shopping in Duck, NC, is a far cry from shopping in a mall or in a superstore, where homogeneity rules. Duck boutiques and specialty shops are unique and individually owned, and each reflects the personality of its owners. The nice thing is that the shops are clustered together within a half-mile stretch, so you can park the car and walk from place to place. And the town recently constructed a beautiful, meandering soundfront boardwalk to help you move around safely while shopping in Duck, NC. A head’s up: Rainy days are the most crowded shopping days, and on summer weekends Duck, NC, is quite congested with traffic.

Note that while the official name of the main road that runs through Duck is N.C. Highway 12, locals call it Duck Road.

Shopping in Duck, NC, Includes Southern Shores

Similar to shopping in Duck, NC, Southern Shores shopping options are linked by a nice bike path, so walking is one way to check them out. The Southern Shores’ shopping scene is small but up and coming, consisting mainly of the Southern Shores Crossing Shopping Center, the Marketplace (Food Lion, CVS) and Sandy Ridge Center. These are located on the east side of U.S. Highway 158, or the Bypass, around milepost 1. Southern Shores shopping is a bit unique from that in Duck, NC, and other places, because any business situated directly across the street is in the town of Kitty Hawk, so those shops are not listed in detail here — go to the Nags Head Shopping section and narrow your search to the Kitty Hawk Shopping category. On the west side of the Bypass are a Home Depot, Walmart, Harris Teeter grocery store, Cato fashions and several other stores.


Southern Shores and Duck Shops by Category or Location

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