Grocery Stores in Duck, NC

How do you like shopping for groceries? Are you a get-everything-in-one-trip type of shopper or do you prefer to shop around, selecting the ingredients and items you need from choice locations? Whether you’re one, the other or somewhere in between, you can create the sort of grocery shopping experience you’re looking for through the shops in Duck, NC. The grocery stores in Duck, NC, are diverse. They range from places with fresh and local produce, such as at the farm stands, recognizable brands’ big grocery stores where you can find everything you need – both food and convenience items – all in one place. There are also pharmacy locations where you can fill prescriptions or shop for toiletries in addition to picking up nonperishable food stuffs or even a pint of ice cream (we won’t tell). If you’re looking for a healthy dose of small-town flavor, visit the locally owned markets and convenience shops in Duck, NC. These popular places carry food stuffs, sundries, newspapers and magazines. Swing by on your way out of town or on your way to work for a cup of coffee and a hot breakfast sandwich made to order. If you're heading to the beach, these little markets are excellent and convenient spots where you can stock up for the day at these spots with their selection of deli-counter sandwiches, snacks, cold beverages and beach toys.

Wee Winks Market

Grocery & Convenience Store in Duck, NC
1213 Duck Road, Duck
(252) 261-2937

The first store ever to set up shop in Duck, Wee Winks celebrates over 40 years in business with a new building and an expanded selection. Keeping it fresh is what has kept this Duck staple rolling all these years, and this season is no exception. Breakfast sandwiches on fresh-baked biscuits and bagels as well as cinnamon buns baked every morning round out the 8-foot... read more

The first store ever to set up shop in Duck, Wee Winks celebrates over 40... read more